ID Startup Cleaner

ID Startup Cleaner 1.2

ID Startup Cleaner is top quality cleaning programdesigned to...

ID Startup Cleaner is top quality cleaning programdesigned to protect your PC and allow you total control over every runningapplication. ManagesStartup items according to your personal preferences.

It displaysall startup items from Registry, Startup folders and Win. ini, and itgives you the possibility to check each program and application in part.

Allowsyou to add, edit, disable or delete programs. You can decide which programs should automatically start when Windowsbegin, by viewing and selecting them in a list provided by the IDStartup Cleaner.

Erasesautomatically Startup items that are definitely not required orharmful. It detects applications that may harm your computer and stopsthem from running.

Detainsan integrated database of potentially dangerousprograms. It will use this database toprotect your computer against harmful applications, virus andadware items at Startup, by automatically removing them when they appear.

Addsall deleted items to a Restore list. Makes a backup list of allitems that have been erased, and so gives you the opportunity to recoverthose files, and restore them completely with no content damage.

Tracksall changes made in the Startup configuration, alerting you aboutthem. It asks for your permission to run those modified applications,keeping you informed and in control of all changes that have been done.

ID Startup Cleaner is very small and easy touse program. Has a convenient graphic interface and takes little timeand space on your disk to run.

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ID Startup Cleaner


ID Startup Cleaner 1.2

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